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Button Mash

About Us

Button Mash is back for more! With a small mountain of TVs and consoles new and old, you can indulge in the nostalgia of your classic favourites or enjoy the latest and greatest.

Our tabletop arena has a great selection of dice-rolling, card dealing and role-playing games for you to indulge in. You are of course invited to bring your own, too!

Crowd favourite Rock Band will be back on a real stage so you can experience all the glamour of being a real rock star without the pesky trouble of learning a real instrument. It’s what karaoke should always have been!

Into cosplay? Excellent! Come down dressed as your favourite video game character and there will be a trophy for the best costume!

Tickets are also available in advance for £4, which will get you automatic access to our mini games and we’ll let you skip the queue, so you don’t have to wait around like a loserto get started having fun!


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